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Xbox One Controller Wireless, Compatible with Xbox One Series S/X, Xbox Elite Series, PC, TURBO Function/Share Button/Built-In Volume Controls/Matte Texture with 2.4Ghz Adapter

Please Download The Upgrade Package And Upgrade The Xbox Controller To Use It On The Xbox Console:

The Xbox One Controller Is a High-Performance Device That Offers a Truly Immersive Gaming Experience. It Features a Robust 2.4G Adapter, Which Provides a Secure and Stable Connection to Your Console, Allowing You to Enjoy Your Games with Minimal Latency and Maximum Responsiveness.

In Addition to It's Advanced Wireless Capabilities, The Bonadget Game Controller Also Includes a Range of Intuitive Controls That Make It Easy to Adjust Your Gameplay Experience. One Key Feature is The Built-In Volume Control, Which Allows You to Fine-Tune The Audio Output of Your Games to Suit Your Preferences. This Feature Puts You in Control of Your Gaming Experience,Making It Not Easy to Get Lost In The Action and Stay Focused on Your Objectives.

The Bonadget's Xbox Controller is a Sleek and Powerful Device That Offers a Range of Versatile Features and Controls.

The Xbox Controller Wireless Handle Operates As Follows:

1) Wireless Connection with The Xbox One Host: Plug The Receiver Into The Usb Port Of The Host, The Receiver'S Light Will Flash, And The Chang'An Coding Button'S Receiver'S Light Will Flash Quickly to Enter the Coding State; Press The Home Button of The Handle, The Handle'S Light Will Flash, Then Press the Code Matching Button of the Handle, The Handle'S Light Will Flash Quickly, And After Flashing for A Few Seconds, The Receiver Will be Connected. The Handle'S Light and The Receiver'S Light Will Both Be On, Indicating That The Connection is Successful, And You Can Operate Normally On The Host. Use; (The Wired Connection is To Plug One End of The Included Usb Cable Into The Typec Female Socket Of The Handle)

  • Compatible with Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows, IOS, Android
  • Textured triggers,bumpers,hybrid-pad, button mapping and 2.4G technology, Plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm audio headset jack.
  • Custom Volume Control Keys: Allows for easy adjustment of sound output, and seamlessly capture and share content with the Share button
  • Plug the receiver into Win PC,then you can play game on PC. you dont spend more money to purchase a xbox wireless receiver
  • Adopt 2.4Ghz wireless transmission technology, allowing you to play games stably within a range of 30 feet without causing jams and disconnections.
Item type: Gamepad Wireless Controller
Color: Blue
Suitable: Windows PC/Steam/iPad/Laptop/Android & iOS PC
Connection: 2.4GHZ wireless
Wireless range: in 10 meters
Battery range: 650mAH and more than 11 hours working

Our wireless controllers with the newest shoulder design and more streamlined handle design matches the player's hand for maximum comfort,ensuring you can play for the game with worderful experience.

Feature :
1. Bluetooth 2.4Ghz Wireless Technology (Comes with Built-In Receiver)
2. The "Menu", "View" and "Share" Buttons on The Handle Provide Quick and Convenient Navigation.
3. Compatible with PC Win10 System Console Games
4. Sensitive Joystick and Enhanced Direction Keys
5. The Trigger Vibration Motor Adopts a New Design to Create a Real Gaming Experience.
6. Long-Lasting Battery Life, 20-30 Hours of Use on A Single Charge
7.3.5mm Headphone Jack Design

Packing list:
1*Xbox One Controller
1*2.4G receiver
1*USB cable

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